photo_E of otera_kohachiro_shoten

Walking straight form Takaoka station and take a turn at Kanaya Honmachi cross road, then there will be rows of Nagaya style houses with Samanoko, wooden grill exterior.
From the straight edged look of the grills, it may be hard to imagine there are Japanese style gardens hidden at the back of those houses. Stepping inside the house, you can just sit there calmly contemplate on season changes.
Otera Kohachiro shouten is opening the house as a Café and Gallery space to share the atmosphere with our customers.
Please come and visit us to enjoy the garden view where the time passes by so gently.

大寺幸八郎商店 前.jpg大寺幸八郎商店 前3.jpgCIMG3848.jpgP1010485.jpgP1120396.jpgP1010476.jpgP1030143.jpgDSC_2951.jpg
ガラス戸.jpg大寺幸八郎商店 庭.jpg大寺幸八郎商店 3.jpgDSC_2531.jpgDSC_2537.jpgP1100856.jpgDSC_3027.jpgDSC_2244.jpg