Otera house of otera_kohachiro_shoten

Rental space Otera house is available to those who want to have an event, a party, a conference or everything you want. This house is located behind Otera Kohachiro-shoten, which has a small kitchen, rental gallary and event space.

<House hours>
Open Fri.-Wed. 10am-6pm. Thu. is closed.
* After 6pm is available with extra charge, please ask us.

<Charge for use>
1. 1st floor with small kitchen, which has a long table, chairs, kitchen, a microwave and an electric hot-water pot.

  • \1,000- / hour
  • \5,000- / day
  • \3,000- / half a day

If you use a hot plate in the kitchen, need additional charge for \500-.

2. Gallery space on 1st floor

  • \5,000- / day

3. Gallery space on 2nd floor

  • \6,000- / day
  • \4,000- / half a day

*Tax not included

You can visit the house in advance, please feel free to contact us.

Students can receive the dicount for \500- for gallery space on 1st floor and 2nd floor.

<Notes on use>
- In case that some events are held at the same time, please keep good manners.
- One bathroom is available and please use the bathroom with care.
- All in the house should be returned to its original state and cleaning things available if you need.
- We shall not be responsible for any loss, damages and troubles.

a.jpgEntranceb.jpgEntrancec.jpgAn earth floord.jpgAn earth floore.jpgAn earth floor
f.jpgAn earth floorg.jpgA room with kitchen on 1st floorh.jpgA room with kitchen on 1st floor i.jpgA room with kitchen on 1st floor j.jpgA room with kitchen on 1st floor
k.jpgA room with kitchen on 1st floor l.jpgA room with kitchen on 1st floor m.jpgA small kitchenn.jpgA small kitcheno.jpgStairs
p.jpg2nd floorq.jpg2nd floormap_E.pngOtera HOUSE