Yusuke Hayashi

  • The series of Happy Animals

It started off with the year of Boar and this is our 9th year of Happy Animal series (Oriental Zodiac). This is a happy monkey family that gets always along well. A small one is spoiled and snuggled up to Mom & Dad!

This has 2 types of colors, black & gold and normally sold as a family with discount price but you can get them individually.

The larger one
Size W: 15mm/D: 15mm/H: 18mm
Material Copper
Weight 16g

The smaller one
Size W: 7mm/D: 8mm/H: 10mm
Material Copper
Weight 2g

Happy monkeyHappy sheepHappy horseHappy snakeHappy DragonHappy Rabbit(thick)Happy Rabbit(thin)Happy TigerHappy CowHappy MouseHappy Boar

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  • MORI & POU

This piece of work by Yusuke Hayashi somehow reflects the artist's personality. There is a hint of humour in his work.

MORI & POUPOUPOUMORI & POUAs a ring pillow

  • Mouse & Cat

A cat and a mouse are snuggling up to each other. They are definitely not Tom and Jerry.

Mouse & CatMouse & CatMouse & CatMouse & Cat


  • Flowers and Ornamental Plants

A town of casting, one of the very few craftsmen in Kanaya.
These beautiful "copper line series" vases will no doubt bring a sense of sophistication into your daily life.

You can enjoy picking a wild flower.


Apron Shop

  • Apron

We've been making aprons and Japanese overall aprons that are fashionable and nostalgic at the same time.
We would like our shop to be a place people come in to look for something special for someone special.

They are all hand-made and none of the patterns are the same. They come in different designs, bibbed or non-bibbed, short or long, and also Japanese cooking overall types. Custom made is also available. Please select a colour and design of your choice.

Masako Otera

  • Works by shop owner.

We would like to introduce a way to turn a part of your house into a gallery with a wide range of cast metal crafts available; a wine cooler, mirrors and a violin etc.,.

Shop owner's small pleasure.

Wine CoolerWine CoolerWine CoolerClassic MirrorSlim Slimviolin