Craft workshop of otera_kohachiro_shoten

We give demonstrations of making accessories and let visitos have experience of making it!!

Making your original accessories

You can have an experience to make your original accessories made of Tin.

\2,000-(\1,800-)/1 adult
* ( ) indicate prices for those in groups of 8 or more.

It takes approx. 30min to make and feel free to take it back.

Please look at our blog.LinkIcon錫アクセサリー体験:大寺幸八郎商店でございます!!

Making your original nameplate or relief

You can also have an experience to make your original nameplate or relief made of copper or aluminium.

Copper : \12,960-/1 adult
Aluminium : \6,480-/1 adult
*not include delivery charge in the price

What you can do at the day is to make a mold by polystyrene foam and we cast by using the mold you made and have it deliver to you later.

Please look at our blog.LinkIconレリーフ体験:大寺幸八郎商店でございます!!


Both are available to make a registration on the day. It's a great help to give us a call in advance if in a large group.
Please feel free to contact us about hands-on activities!!